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What is a Huskita?

A Huskita is a cross between a Siberian Husky and an Akita. This "mix" generally gives you the best qualities of both breeds. The result being a dog that is healthier, more vigorous with a reduced chance of genetic disease. This is called "heterosis effect"...the breeding of 2 non-related individuals producing stronger descendants then inbreeds. Because of the traits of the Akita you get a dog that is more territorial and less likely to roam away. He also has guarding tendencies and makes a good "alert dog". The Huskita is a little easier to housebreak because of the Akita's nature of being "cat like" and not wanting to mess in his home. Because of the Husky's even temperament and ability to get along well with people you get a dog that is a lot more friendly and very playful. The Huskita is a fairly big dog with bone and substance to match. Both the Husky and the Akita have the same coat type and require very little grooming and don't have a doggy odor.

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