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We would like to share, with you, some pictures of the puppy that we purchesed on February 20, 2009. His name is Sidney. He is wonderful with our children and we love him dearly. He has been to the vet's and they just all think he is very beatuful. He is also a EMS dog, we both run Ambulance and Sidney is a regular at the station and everyone loves him. We hope you enjoy the pics of Sidney.

Joseph, Catheanne, Joey, and Elizabeth

We received the puppy last night… she is the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen. You were right about being social… she is extremely playful and just bursts with personality. Thank you for everything… I will probably send a pic or two while she is growing up. Her name is Kiya J (pronounced kya)

Thanks again, Jessica and Chandler

puppy just had his first romp in the snow he was just to funny -- had to tell you-- i have had so many offers from people to buy him i just laugh and tell them not even God has enough money for him and i give them your site ----judy

Hi! My name is Amy -----. I purchased a puppy from you about 6.5 years ago and thought you would probably love an update on him! He was in the litter born on 4/9/2004. Sage is now 6.5 and has been my best buddy since the day that I drove to your place to get him. He is the most wonderful dog with such a gentle temperment. He has been such a wonderful dog and no health defects whatsoever. He is pushing onto his senior years now though. He lives a wonderful life with his 2 brothers and 2 sisters in South Carolina on our farm. (We have 2 other husky's as well, but they are special needs and are epileptic). He is spoiled rotten and has his own bedroom and his own spot on the couch during TV time. He has just turned out to be everything I wanted in a dog and more and I just wanted to say thank you! He has been the only constant in my life for the past 6.5 years and I am just so grateful. My husband is in the marines and has deployed 3 times (including the day I got Sage), and Sage has just been with me every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better dog!
Amy & Sage
PS. I will send some updated pics once I download my pics onto my new computer.

My name is Dimitria and I found your web site thru Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved Siberian Huskies. I came across your site while I day-dreamed of owning a Sibe. I'm not able to own one yet because I currently live in a small apartment and have no time for a dog. I just wanted you to know how touched I was by the "before you buy a this!" section. The first article, "My name is Sam" bought tears to my eyes and the "The Rainbow Bridge" reminds me so much of my cat that past away last summer after 16 years. Even though the poem was about dogs, it can translate easily to cats as well. It reminds you of there unconditional love and support that they have for you each day. As I write this, tears are forming in my eyes as I think of my friend. I just wanted you to know that when I'm able to purchase and care for a dog in the right way, I will definitly be purchasing a puppy from you. This is the first time a web site was able to convey pure love and admiration for breeding and caring for dogs instead of just breeding for money. I hope you have great success now and in the future. Dimitria


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