Siberian Husky Show/Breeding Contract



Purchase Date:____________


Mary Alice Peretti                                                                                                                                  Purchaser_____________________________

Siberians of Ravenwood                                                                                                                       Address______________________________


Garrett, PA 15542

814-634-1801                                                                                                                                       Phone___________________                                                                                                                  Email________________________________



Breed                           Siberian Husky                                         DOB_____________________


Sex              Male                     Female                        Color/Markings_________________________________________

Sire name and registration number______________________________________________________

Dam name and registration number_____________________________________________________


De-Wormings________________________________                                  Vaccinations_________________________

____________________________________________                                                   ________________________

____________________________________________                                                   _________________________


This dog is being sold with full AKC registration. Purchaser agrees not to breed this dog until the minimum health certifications of OFA certification of hips and veterinary ophthalmologist clearance of eyes have been performed, all with passing ratings. AKC full registration application will be provided within 120 days of purchase.

We highly recommend that you have your dog microchipped at your first vet appointment in order to help find your dog should he get lost!

Health Warranty

Seller guarantees this dog, to the best of her knowledge, to be healthy upon arrival to the purchaser. Purchaser has 72 hrs. from the date of purchase to have the dog checked by a licensed veterinarian.

Seller’s guarantee does not include coccidia, worms, kennel cough and parasites. Please be aware that stress from moving to a new home, change in diet and even water can trigger certain maladies. All precautions have been taken by seller to insure that your dog will be in good health.


Genetic Warranty

Your dog is guaranteed to be free of hereditary hip dysplasia for the first 2 years of your dog's life. In the unlikely event that the dog is diagnosed with hereditary hip dysplasia, by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. (OFA), or a hereditary eye problem such as juvenile cataract, a replacement dog of the same quality, same sex as the dog originally purchased, (unless seller and buyer mutually agree otherwise) will be given when a dog is available. To qualify for a replacement, please notify us of the situation at once. Send a copy of the OFA or CERF evaluation to the address above. IN ALL CASES WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE THE DOG EXAMINED BY OUR VETERINARIAN. If you request a replacement under this warranty, and the examination of the alleged defect, by a licensed veterinarian of seller’s choice determines that the defect is not genetic, but caused by trauma, stress, neglect, abuse or any NOT inherited factor, this guarantee is null and void, without effect and will not be honored.


Purchaser agrees to maintain this dog in a healthy environment at all times. This includes adequate food, clean fresh water, proper exercise and medical care including required vaccinations. Purchaser shall feed only a quality food with meat as a first ingredient.

Purchaser agrees to keep this dog on Nuvet Plus for Canines for the first 2 years of the dog's life. Please order your vitamins ahead of time so you will have them when you bring your new pup home!

Purchaser agrees to keep this dog under control at all times and socialize it with humans and other animals. Seller will not be held responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by this dog to property, humans or other animals.

Purchaser agrees to be responsible for any and all expenses incurred by this dog upon possession of it and to notify seller of serious illness, injury or death of dog and/or any changes in address phone number or email address.

Purchaser agrees to use the prefix “Ravenwood” or “Ravenwoods” on the AKC registration of this dog.

Purchaser agrees to give seller 30 day notification of intent to sell this dog and to give seller first right of refusal for repurchasing dog at a price equal to or less than that at which it would be offered to the general public. Seller will be given a total of 30 days to respond and to pay agreed upon price. Purchaser agrees to never sell or give this dog to any pet store, dog dealer, broker, or research laboratory .

The seller reserves the exclusive right to cancel this agreement before dog is picked up and return all monies if for any reason whatsoever, seller determines that the sale of said dog is not in the best interests of seller or dog.

This agreement is designed to protect the seller and the purchaser and to also safeguard the dog, the breed and to not cause damage to the seller’s reputation.

This contract is valid only for the above named purchaser and described dog. Violations of this contract may result in legal action by seller to reclaim dog with no refunds being issued to purchaser and purchaser agrees to pay all expenses incurred by such action. Violations may also be subject to a $1,000 non-compliance fine being imposed on purchaser. Any legal action in regards to this sales agreement/contract will take place in the sellers county and state of residence. This contract is null and void in the event seller is no longer breeding Siberian Huskies.


By signing below the purchaser is agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement in it’s entirety. Failure to abide by all terms and conditions makes this contract null and void.