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Hi Mary Alice
Attached is a picture of our beloved Stoli.
She is from your litter Aug. 9, 2008.

Doing very well, extremely smart!  She can open all doors in our apartment.
We get compliments on her beauty every time we walk her!



You may not remember me now that it has been five years since I purchased my Siberian Husky from you (time goes by so fast). I just wanted to send you a note to let you know what a wonderful addition this little Husky girl has made to our lives and to send my sincere thanks for making true excellence in the breed available to people like me and my family

I thought you may be interested, so I have attached several photos of Garnet Gem when she was two (2008). Garnet is the off-spring of your "Disney" dog Stormchaser's Chase and mother Misty, (Irishmist?). I wish I had planned to show this dog because she is as near to what I would consider "best of the breed" that I can imagine. I don't know much about showing and all the details, but in my mind she has it all. I really think she is Daddy's girl and, from what I have seen on your website about Chase, she is almost an exact match. She is smart to the point of being scary smart, athletic, affectionate, well behaved, and as lovely as can be. Now at the age of five she has rounded-out at +/- 50 Lbs.. I think she may be an Alpha dog since she knows how to push people's buttons to get what she wants (and yes she does occasionally lift her leg to pee when on the trail).

Garnet started testing positive for Lyme disease at year (3) even though she was vaccinated and receiving monthly meds. throughout the tick season. She has not shown any signs of the disease to date and, hopefully, she will continue to live a long and healthy life.

I'm so glad I found Ravenwood and, again, thanks for doing such great service in perpetuating the best breed of dog in the world, the Siberian Husky.


Rutland, Vermont      


Here are the boyz  taken just last month.

K2 is the gray one ( a.k.a Biggie Man Jones or Baby Huey;  he's a big BIG baby and eats 24/7; we struggle to keep his weight down) very funny dog.

Rozzi  (aka: Rozzi Bear or Baby Bear) -- such a sweet face but gets into trouble pretty quickly if left alone;  GREAT soccer player with his squeaky ball

You breed a handsome Sibe!   If you have a picture of Cowboy anywhere, I 'd love to see it.  The boys each inherited a silly way of sitting -- which we call the "lazy site" where they wing out one knee - it's hysterically funny.  We think they must have gotten it from Cowboy. 
Okay -- just two more pix and then I promise I will stop.  They are so photogenic my little rascals!
They would only sit for these pictures if I promised to deliver a chicken/sweet potato treat shortly thereafter, especially K2/Biggie
He walks around the house and the yard following you... wooo, woooing for treats.   Always fussing -- but so cute.
Did I mention, despite his size -- he is a massive chicken?  He gets spooked so easily and therefore lets Rozzi tackle everything first ...then he will gauge his interest after that.   He also knows how to get Rozzi to charge and race around the yard.  He will also chase as well and sometimes hurdles over our shrubs -- he looks awesome.  But the truth is, all that work is really just a bother to K2.  So, he gets Rozzi all wound up...chases him for about 5 mins...then stands soon as Rozzi circles back around ..acts like he will start the chase again enough to keep Rozzi going.... then he waits.   He's no dummy...just mellow.  And yet HE's the one that really NEEDS to run.   too funny.  He's also been called Jamaican Joe ...those party eyes and his laid back manner makes ya think he's stoned half the time..especially with his penchant for munching.   Funniest dog I have ever owned.  


Hi Mary Alice:

I hope that all is well with you.  Things got so hectic over the holidays, that believe it or not, I just put a card in the mail to you today with a picture of Storm & Frosty of course.  I had an oil painting done for Mark of the picture on the card, which should reach you in a couple of days.  Mark also got a little dog sled (the Seeley Slider) for Christmas.  I have this mental image of the boys sitting on the sled, being pulled by Mark.  It took them almost a year, but they managed to break Mark.  No more dog food, Mark cooks the boneless chicken tenders for them every night, marinated first and seasoned ever so slightly.  They seem excited about their dinners since they got change made.

The boys are doing so well, still so bonded and happy healthy boys.  Even though their personalities are so different; they get along so well and they get along really well with my little one (Japanese Chin).  Every time that Mark has them out, he always gets told that they are gorgeous. 

I will give you a call soon and we are still hoping that we can coax you our way for a visit. I know that the boys will remember you.  I’m sure that you want to wait until the weather is a lot better.

Best Regards Always,


I am sending you a picture of Skyler who is now a little over 4 months old.  He is doing great, as you can see we are taking good care of him.
Thank you;


PS: I love him sooooo much.....





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